Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq’s Tomb in Delhi

Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq's Tomb
Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq's Tomb

Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq was the ruler of the Sultanate of Delhi during September 1320 to February 1325. He was the founder of the Tughlaq dynasty in India and also the founder of the city of Tughluqabad, the third city of Delhi.

Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq’s tomb is located on the Mehrauli Badarpur Road in New Delhi, just opposite to the Tughluqabad Fort. The tomb was built by Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq himself during his reign.

The monument has a square plan and sloping walls made of red sandstone with a white marble dome raised on an octagonal drum at the top. There are three graves in the Tomb. The central grave is of Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq. The other two graves are believed to be of his wife and son, Muhammad bin Tughluq, his successor ruler of Delhi Sultanate during 1325-51.

Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq's Tomb
Ghiyas ud-Din Tughlaq’s Tomb – another view
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